Hi, I'm Katie

and I have no idea how to start an intro paragraph about myself. I guess I can just give you some facts about me and hope that that gives you a hint of the type of gal I am. 

I graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 2020 - highly recommend not graduating college in a pandemic without a job lined up - where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Experience Industry Management with a concentration in Integrated Marketing and Communications. Thats a mouthful isn't it? Which is why I usually just tell people I studied marketing in college and my passion is videography. 

I began this confusing post-grad-mid-pandemic year living at home until I moved back to the Central Coast and began working as a Brand Marketing Coordinator. I've loved this extra chapter in SLO and getting to spend more time with college friends in the most beautiful coastal town (I guess I'm bias). But New York's always been the "dream" and I've decided to pack up my life and give the city my best shot. I have no clue what this next chapter is going to hold but holy hell I'm ready.  So follow along as I try to figure it out and hopefully create some meaningful projects along the way.