Hi, I'm Katie

I wrapped up my last year of college (how did that happen) at Cal Poly SLO last June. I spent four years studying Experience Industry Management with a concentration in Integrated Marketing and Communications - and more importantly growing my love for videography and digital storytelling. I’ve been making videos since my junior year of high school and what started as just cringey GoPro montages of my friends and our adventures, has turned into (what I think) I want to do with the rest of my life. Coming to college, I knew I needed to find my outlet. Without sports, I turned to my more creative side and kind of rolled with it. The past 5 years, I’ve focused on capturing the big, little, funny, stupid and everything in between so that I can look back one day and remember all the moments. I’ve learned that there is immense value in vulnerability and that our stories can be our greatest currency. Beyond my personal projects, I’ve been entrusted by many to capture their big moments. From graduation to launching a small business to your wedding day or whatever special moment in your life it may be, I want to capture it for you. Check out my personal and freelance projects and let’s chat about how I can help capture your moments.