Hi, I'm Katie

I’m currently in my last year of college (how did that happen) at Cal Poly SLO. It’s been a winding ride full of highs and lows but it’s been the best 4 years so far. I’ve been making videos since my junior year of high school and what started as just cringy GoPro montages for my friends and I to remember the big moments, has turned into (what I think) I want to do with the rest of my life. Coming to college, I knew I needed to find my outlet. Without sports, I turned to my more creative side and kind of rolled with it. The past 4 years, I’ve focused on capturing the big, little, funny, stupid, and everything in between so that I can one day look back, remember, and smile at the winding ride. I never imagined I would be pursuing a career in this field (and I still doubt it every day) but I don’t want to be stuck doing anything other than what brings me joy for the rest of my life. I love getting to meet new people and work hard to capture their big day, or bring the creative vision they have to life. I truly love what I do, and hope to continue on this creative path after graduation. It may not end up being exactly how I imagine it (because what does), but I know that I'll never stop creating. I've learned a lot, but the biggest lesson I've come across is that the learning will never stop. I'm going to keep working on my creative skills behind the camera and editing afterwards. But, like the phrase that is ingrained in our minds from day one at Cal Poly, I'm going to "Learn By Doing", and I hope you'll check in to see where that takes me.


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